Several new initiatives on solar PV in Malaysia, such as auction and net metering, has shown significant progress, and Malaysia is considering the possibility of including wind energy in its feed-in-tariff scheme. The country also issued the world’s first green
A KAIST research team developed a new hybrid energy storage device that employs aqueous electrolytes instead of flammable organic solvents, so it is both environmentally friendly and safe.  
As more people start to drive electric vehicles over longer distances, the need for a large-scale charging network will become increasingly pressing.  
Statoil recently announced that its pioneering offshore floating wind farm, Hywind Scotland, achieved an astounding 65 percent capacity factor from November through January. The new generation of offshore wind surpasses the capacity factor of thermal generation.  
A team of researchers led by Eli Stavitski from the US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York revealed a proof-of-concept CO2-CO converter that uses atoms embedded in a graphene sheet and achieves an efficiency of up…
With some clear connections between the fantasies of “Black Panther” and actual innovation happening in the real world, the article takes a closer look at a some of the most exciting technologies featured in “Black Panther,” and how close these
Innovators from top institutions such as M.I.T. and Cornell University and tech titans such as IBM and Intel are developing a number of “green” blockchain innovations with energy efficiency in mind to address demand by businesses.
The stagnation in the realm of batteries is putting a cap on several technologies that might otherwise advance forward. So why is it that batteries are struggling to advance, what does it mean for other technologies, and where do we
A new system, based on graphene, can draw power from daily temperature swings. The technology can harness temperature fluctuations of many kinds in order to produce electricity.
Energy consumption, as far as most reports have predicted, will grow rapidly over the next two decades with many countries projected to continue investing heavily in renewables.