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5 Empowering CSR Stories from ASEAN’s Big Power Players

Powering a nation isn’t just about keeping the lights on. The region’s big energy players know that building a better society comes from recognising and delivering on the aims of positive corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In an industry as fundamentally important as the energy sector, that commitment to supporting society is already a key part of how these companies operate. So let’s explore the story of ASEAN’s big players that not only power, but empower the nation.

Singapore Power – Singapore

Singapore Power proudly supports the citizens of Singapore through a variety of initiatives, first amongst them their SP Heartware Fund. This fund has delivered over S$12 million for over 28,000 beneficiaries in need of assistance, providing care and support for some of Singapore’s most vulnerable citizens.
The Heartware Fund works closely with home help services, senior day care centres and nursing homes, providing the care and support that elderly and vulnerable citizens need to lead better, longer lives. Singapore is a nation with a strong family dynamic, but increasingly smaller family sizes. The changing landscape also has to adapt to a rapidly ageing population, meaning that community care and support for the elderly continues to be an important social cause for the country. Through their Heartware Fund, SP’s corporate giving efforts are focused on improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities in need, showing a company that cares about the changing needs of its citizens.

Meralco – Philippines

The Manila Electricity Company, Meralco, leads its social initiatives through the One Meralco Foundation (OMF), which aims to support and deliver social welfare and development in the Philippines.

A key driver for OMF is to support those who have lost their homes or families to violence. That story is particularly heart-breaking for the residents of Marawi City, where on-going violent conflict has led to many people being displaced from their homes. One Meralco Foundation is working to support these citizens taking shelter at government evacuation centres, by delivering supplies and much needed comfort at a challenging time.


This commitment to supporting peace and empowering the victims of conflict also recognises the importance of the most vulnerable victims of violence – children. OMF’s ‘Football for Peace’ helps support these children, often refugees from areas of conflict, through the empowering nature of sport. This national initiative has grown to support children across the country, bringing moments of joy during often difficult periods of their lives.

Vietnam Electricity – Vietnam

Part of being a responsible company is empowering even the poorest communities. That mission is a key theme of Vietnam Electricity’s(EVN) CSR efforts. In 2016, EVN brought the benefits of electricity to the rural community of Ben Nghe Village, a relatively impoverished area with a very challenging standard of living. The efforts of EVN have enabled the village to enjoy the benefits of modern power, with electric water pumps and lighting helping build a better environment. The illuminating change also supported better children’s education, enabling them to study for longer and with access to new and exciting information sources.

This commitment to supporting better lives isn’t limited to electricity, EVN also helped deliver better sanitation to the poorer communities of Ho Chi Minh City. They donated 100 water tanks to support and enable better living conditions for five communes home to vulnerable poorer families. For a responsible organisation, building better communities means reaching out to help in the way that is most needed.

Indonesia Power – Indonesia

Indonesia Power is responsible for keeping the lights on in the biggest nation in ASEAN. That means working to empower and educate communities across a vast country, often in challenging rural locations.

The importance of that vital work has been demonstrated across multiple projects in Indonesia, often in rural areas, like the case of Kampung Pelag. This isolated community is home to over 860 inhabitants, living in a village that sits against the slopes of a volcano. This poor community has traditionally fallen behind the growing economy of Indonesia, with its rural population often having uncertain access to education and amenities. Indonesia Power has been working closely to change this, delivering education, building local infrastructure, supporting better healthcare, and opening up the community to the benefits of the nation’s vibrant modern society. This national power company is delivering vital modern opportunities through local empowerment.


Tenaga Nasional Berhad – Malaysia

TNB aren’t just powering Malaysia, they’re empowering its citizens, with award-winning corporate social responsibility initiatives.

As Malaysia’s largest electricity company, TNB fully supports programs that are ‘Powering Education’, one of the pillars of its corporate responsibility activities. They work with schools across the nation to help support the dreams of students, working closely with the Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent, Advocating Responsibility (PINTAR) programme.

Since its inception in 2006, TNB has been a firm supporter of the PINTAR schools program, working tirelessly to improve the academic performance of underprivileged pupils of schools in selected rural areas. Numerous school activities such as motivational camps, tuition classes, leadership programs and examination seminars were also organised under PINTAR, empowering every child to be a leader of the future. To date, 16,556 school children at 58 primary schools have benefitted from TNB’s involvement in the PINTAR school program.


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