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Hijau Malaysia: Part 2

Transport in a greener Malaysia

Malaysia’s transport sector accounts for over a quarter of total CO2 emissions. Tackling this will be a key part of building a more sustainable future. Under the 11th Malaysia Plan, the government sets out its commitment of reducing the energy intensity of our transport sector.

Adoption of energy efficient vehicles will be actively encouraged, creating a positive regulatory environment for the uptake of low-carbon cars. Public transport investments such as MRT and more robust bus networks will likewise be supported, encouraging individuals towards less carbon intensive travel.

Again, public education will play an important role. A single occupant car consumes 124.5 grams of CO2 equivalent per kilometre travelled, twice that of a bus, and triple that of a train. Developing transport links for low carbon alternative transport while ensuring an informed social understanding will be vital.



 Environmental sustainability means making the most of our vital resources. Recycling allows us to reuse these resources in a more long-term manner. Malaysia’s goal is to increase household recycling rates to 22% by 2020.

Malaysia’s goal is to increase household recycling rates to 22% by 2020.

Businesses are actively encouraged to recycle waste in a sustainable manner. With growing focus on the environmental footprints, greater restrictions and expanding incentives are likely to steer the important uptake of recycling more widely in future.


Natural environments in a greener Malaysia

Malaysia is blessed with some of the most impressive biodiversity on this planet. Maintaining our environmental legacy forms an important part of a greener Malaysia. The 11th Malaysia Plan sets out steps to ensure that bio-resources continue to be protected, while empowering communities who rely on them to contribute towards on-going conservation, ensuring continued co-existence with natural habitats.

Equally important to the future will be managing and maintaining the flora and fauna that makes our natural world so unique. 11th Malaysia Plan commits to a renewed focus on maintaining the habitats and survivability of our most endangered species.

We all benefit from a greener Malaysia

Under the Green Technology Master Plan 2017-2030, Malaysia aims to reduce CO2 emissions per capita from eight tonnes to just six by 2030. And a greener Malaysia isn’t just about cleaner air or healthier environments, it’s about building a stronger, better nation. With the challenges of climate change, and growing recognition of humanity’s impact on the planet, a greener tomorrow is the only sensible one for our country.

We all must play a part, from the simple act of turning off a light to working to reduce the energy intensity of an entire business. The 11th Malaysia Plan alongside our COP21 commitments set out ambitious goals for the country, but only by working together can we achieve the sustainable benefits of a greener future for our nation.

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