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CEPSI 2018 – 20 Fast Facts Explaining our Energy Ecosystem

The movers and shakers of the global power industry gather in Kuala Lumpur this month, at the Conference of Electricity Power Supply Industry (CEPSI) 2018. This key industry event brings together 1,500 delegates, providing a global platform to explore the most transformative and essential topics in the electricity supply industry today.

CEPSI 2018 comes at a time when the global power industry is experiencing an unprecedented change, as transformative digital technologies emerge alongside increasingly distributed or diversified power solutions. In order to understand that landscape, we need to understand some of its big drivers. Here are 20 fast and fascinating facts framing the regional and global energy landscapes.

Electrifying the Asia-Pacific

Sustainability and Green Energy

Generation and Future Alternatives

Transmission and Future Grid

Distribution and Advanced Network

Smart Grid and New Technology

ICT, Innovation and Cybersecurity

Retail and Customer Service

Business Transformation and Others

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