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Infographic: Shining a Light on Large-Scale Solar (LSS) in Malaysia

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology offers an increasingly cost-effective solution for Malaysia’s future power needs. This renewable energy technology has enjoyed remarkable price falls over recent years, with the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) for utility-scale solar PV falling 82% in the decade from 2010.

This increasingly efficient and affordable technology offers a valuable pathway to achieving Malaysia’s goal of 31% renewable energy share of the power mix by 2025.

The rapid fall in solar power costs is a welcome opportunity in ASEAN.

The rapid fall in solar power costs is a welcome opportunity in ASEAN, providing an increasingly cost-effective low-carbon power solution for nations across the region. Malaysia’s own solar power market growth could also provide a valuable pathway to positive shared opportunities. It builds out vital industry experience to extend into other markets, such as TNB’s recent investment in the Vietnam solar industry. It also expands access to potential cross-border clean energy that builds on existing arrangements with neighbours such as Singapore.

With this important focus on solar power, it’s time for Energy Watch to shine a light on what that means in practice. Here is our illuminating look at large-scale solar (LSS) power implementation and opportunities in Malaysia.


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