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Diving Into The Future of Hydroelectric Power: TNB’s Nenggiri Hydroelectric Project

The Nenggiri Hydroelectric Project stationed in the state of Kelantan is set to revolutionise the nation’s renewable energy landscape and more.

With a reservoir area spanning over 50 square kilometers, this ambitious undertaking will reduce carbon emissions through clean energy generation, contribute to Malaysia’s self-sufficiency and reinforce power generation stability in Kelantan.

Beyond its energy benefits, the hydroelectric project will serve a multitude of benefits for the surrounding community such as a flood protection mechanism, provide a source of clean water as well as eco-tourism opportunities.

Aligned with Malaysia’s renewable energy targets, the Nenggiri Hydroelectric Project plays a pivotal role in the country’s clean energy transition. Hydropower’s reliability and affordability make it an ideal complement to intermittent sources like solar and wind. Ensuring successful execution is essential to realising the nation’s ambitious energy aspirations and keeping pace with global renewable targets.

Explore more about this project in the video below.


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