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Enlit Asia – Strengthening ASEAN Readiness in Energy Transition

Enlit Asia: Your Inclusive Guide to the Energy Transition

The annual conference and exhibition for the power and energy sector, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with ASEAN’s strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low-carbon energy future.​ With the aim to break down silos and foster greater collaboration across the industry by connecting and engaging all stakeholders in the region’s energy sector, from policymakers and regulators to technology providers and energy consumers, as well as bringing in international perspective to take action towards a sustainable energy future for Southeast Asia.

The conference in Jakarta focuses on meeting growing electricity demand by capturing renewable energy resource​, developing renewables for industry, buildings and transport and an integrated and comprehensive bioenergy programme and ensuring sustainable development and use of this vital energy source.

Concluding 2023 in Indonesia, the conference will next set foot in Malaysia in 2024. Stay on the pulse here: Enlit Asia


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