Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has announced a multi-decade commitment to be a “resource-positive” company – aspiring to give more than it takes from the planet.
Researchers at Rice University report today in Nature that they can zap virtually any source of solid carbon, from food scraps to old car tires, and turn it into graphene—sheets of carbon atoms prized for applications ranging from high-strength plastic
A tax on carbon dioxide emissions in Great Britain, introduced in 2013, has led to the proportion of electricity generated from coal falling from 40% to 3% over six years, according to research led by UCL.
Gasoline is the devil and electricity is an angel. Electricity is key to the environmental future and electric cars (and soon trucks) are at the forefront of that. Does anyone think that the environmental store is going into reverse anytime
While technology has been one of the major investment thematics in the past decade, smart money is now betting climate change presents a good long-term investment opportunity as the problem is still massively underestimated despite scientific data supporting the risk
Six ASEAN countries came into focus based on their performance in the ETI: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.
THE year 2020 will see the unfolding of notable developments in the energy sector, especially in the renewable energy segment. It is crucial for the country to become less dependent on fossil fuel due to economic, security and sustainability reasons,
Nuclear power is in terminal decline worldwide and will never make a serious contribution to tackling climate change, a group of energy experts argues.
It could well be that by 2030, solar will have become the most important source of energy for electricity production in a large part of the world.
A research team from Nuremberg and Erlangen has set a new record for the power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic modules with an efficiency of 12.6%  over an area of 26 cm².