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You Deserve The Full Story: Making Smart Decisions with the Home Energy Report

Making smart decisions is all about having the right information, and thanks to the recently introduced Home Energy Report by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s electricity consumers are on the track to a smarter, more efficient, and more informed energy future.

TNB’s Home Energy Report is the first such initiative in Southeast Asia, and promises a host of benefits to customers across the country. If you want to understand more about the HER programme, and the benefits of a more energy efficient home, TNB customers can login and explore how informed decisions can save you money.

What is the Home Energy Report?

The Home Energy Report (HER) programme began as a pilot in 2015, and has delivered impressive results for its first 200,000 participants. Phase 2 of the HER programme is now being made available on TNB’s web portal to all domestic customers in peninsular Malaysia, with a selected 450,000 customers receiving the full communications package.

The Home Energy Report utilises the latest in data analytics to deliver consumers personalised energy reports on their electricity usage. The full communications package is delivered through three main channels: posted print report, email report, and web portal.

Through the HER and complementary online portal, TNB customers will receive user-friendly, data-rich insight into energy usage, alongside personalised recommendations and tips on how best to save energy in their home.


Did you know that utility bills are identified as the largest contributor to household expenditure?

The information made available by HER makes smart sense for the home. On average, utility customers decrease their energy usage between 1-3% with the help of these tools, and it also allows them to easily reference energy usage changes over time, ensuring that they’re empowered to see the results of their smart decisions.

Beyond the benefits of customer satisfaction, Phase 1 of the HER programme has shown the clear rewards of smarter energy consumption. So far 200,000 pilot customers have saved 13,979 MWh of electricity, equivalent to roughly 9,967 metric tonnes of CO2. That’s comparable to taking around 2100 cars off the road!

Hand in hand with Malaysia’s green goals contained in its 11th Malaysia Plan and the Green Technology Masterplan, this programme is all about educating and empowering citizens. By putting the decision-making power back in your hands, you enjoy greater control over your cost-of-living.

Smarter decisions for national savings


The Home Energy Report programme not only shows the benefits of empowering energy consumers, it also demonstrates the wider benefits to a nation. Malaysia is on track to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030. Achieving that goal means ensuring people have the right tools to make smart decisions.

In our next article here, we explore how you can maximise your Home Energy Report.

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