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How to Make the Most out of TNB’s Home Energy Report

In our last article, we discussed the What and Why of TNB’s Home Energy Report. This great tool offers customers exclusive access to a wealth of data that they can utilise to save electricity and cost. So how exactly does it work?

In our previous article, we mentioned that 450,000 participants were selected for the expanded pilot programme. These participants receive their energy assessment through e-mail, printed letter, and myTNB’s portal.

Image 1An e-mail sample of the HER (eHER). You can download an eHER sample here!

Image 2

A printed sample of the HER (pHER). You can download a pHER sample here!


What about the rest of Malaysia?

If you were not part of the expanded pilot programme, worry not! Through the myTNB portal, TNB’s 6.5 million domestic users in Peninsular Malaysia will still be able to access energy assessments online. These personalised energy insights are available through the Home Energy Tools available on the portal. Simply follow the steps below to access your energy report:

  1. Log on to
  2. Choose My Dashboard
  3. There are 5 widgets available:
    • Energy Usage Details
    • Bill Comparison
    • Similar Home Comparison
    • Home Energy Analysis
    • Energy Saving Tips

Once registered on the portal, customers will receive a unique, personalised energy assessment that works for them. This means personalised energy efficiency tips, energy usage trend and ranks, and an exclusive web portal with tips and tools and insight.

These reports use simple reference points to help empower customers, not only summarising their own energy use, but placing that energy in context by comparing average usage with their neighbours. With the simply referenced energy usage statistics as a starting point, the HER then goes on to support and empower smarter energy decisions by providing key examples of how and where consumers could save energy in their homes.

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  1. Thank you for your concern on consumer problems. To educate your customers on compatitivr usage of energy it draws their attention to possible wastage
    How do I participate in your solar energy programme

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