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Infographic: Battery Cost Running Low is Positive News

Renewable energy sources are vital to help build a sustainable future. However, the trouble with such sources is that they are dependent on environmental factors. Wind energy is best harnessed when conditions are windy and solar energy is dependent on sunlight.

To address this issue, battery storage solutions enable renewable energy generation to be stored until required. They offer a viable solution to storing intermittent energy supply from renewable sources. As battery storage costs dwindle, they also make renewable energy a more viable alternative to fossil fuels.

They offer a viable solution to storing intermittent energy supply from renewable sources

When before, we had to be dependent on weather conditions, renewable energy could not produce enough power to meet peak energy demand. With battery storage solutions dwindling in costs, not only can renewable energy be harnessed at any time, it is now cheaper to do so.

Within the Southeast Asian region, battery storage will be vital in ensuring we reach our milestones in renewable energy. Already, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) seeks to secure 23% of its primary energy from renewables by 2025 by increasing its share in power capacity to 35%, and a 32% reduction in energy intensity from 2005 levels. This is also in line with a projected 50% spike in energy demand and a growing consensus for an ASEAN-wide ASEAN Power Grid (APG) powered by renewable energy.


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