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Infographic: A Better Future with Battery Storage in Malaysia

Battery storage has long been seen as a critical enabler of renewable energy. These batteries provide flexibility for power generated from wind, solar, and other renewable sources, meaning that energy that is generated now can be stored and released when it is needed later.

The concept of battery storage is not new of course. Batteries are a fundamental part of our modern technologies, from mobile phones through to electric vehicles. The challenge with utility-scale power however is level of the energy that needs to be stored.

The largest utility-scale battery in operation today is at Moss Dale in Florida, USA, with 300MW of installed capacity boosted to 400MW in 2021. That might seem a lot, but when you consider the United States has over 1,117, 475MW  of installed power capacity, you begin to see the challenge.

Scaling up battery use will be an essential part of the renewable energy journey in Malaysia and around the world. Helping increase the flexibility of low-carbon power, balancing the grid, and contributing to a more sustainable power ecosystem.

As Malaysia announces plans to adopt up to 500MW of battery storage technology in the Energy Commission’s recent Report On Peninsular Malaysia Generation Development Plan 2020 (2021-2039), Energy Watch is taking us on a visual tour of battery storage technology.

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